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cockbarf asked: i always want to compliment you and send love your way in some really profound manner where you're like "whoa that was so sweet and so cool" but i've been in a real slump lately and I suck. just know that the thought is there, that i always see you on my dash and think "god i wanna compliment her so fucking hard"

Donnie is all that is real bitch knife crew. Always makin’ my day!

Wish I could post a gif butTtTT tumblr is blocking that? Do you know why? I know you’re like gif god

this man really is gif god #gifgodcockbarf666

Why This 11 Year Old Got Married


This 11 Year Old Girl is Getting Married!

Did you guys even read the captions. This a “dress rehearsal” so her father could walk her down the isle because he won’t be alive long enough to do so on her actual wedding day, due to his pancreatic cancer.

Y’all are fucking stupid, 11 year old getting married is illegal anyway.

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